【Transformation During The Pandemic】【2】


 Hi!  Good morning, everyone! Today is your best day! We have shared our first transformation in "What Have We Been Doing During The Pandemic 1", and how to control emotional expressions.  Today, we will share the second thing we have done with you.  After slowing down and learning to master our emotions during this pandemic , what else could help us live a better and more meaningful everyday life enlightened? How to protect ourselves and also our beloved families ?




First and foremost, reduce going out!  We rarely go out and always avoid high-risk places to prevent infection and bring harm to our families and others.

Secondly, in terms of health, improving immunity is also very important during this period.  Therefore, our family began to choose healthy and fresh food. If possible, we would choose natural ingredients and try to avoid processed food. Reduce sugar,  salt, seasoning and oily food intake.  Eat a variety of fresh vegetables and fruits to supply the body with essential nutrients.  More importantly, maintain a healthy mind and body, and enjoy every moment at present. This is because nothing is more important than being alivewink.  Only by truly living and enjoying everything in the moment can you feel true happinessheart.  Watching world news reporting countless patients succumbing to death, we are very blessed indeed to still have our family members with us, and we learned to cherish life more.  Now, a healthy body is  the greatest asset.




The pandemic has not only disrupted our pace, it has even changed our lives.  How should we live?  There is no definite answer.  We must learn to adjust our mentality and allow ourselves to live the kind of fulfilling life that we have always wanted.  At every stage in life, everyone aspires to be the certain way they want, and that should be a better person than yesterday. Being our truest selves is the most comfortable.  Nothing is easy to accomplish. We just enjoy the learning process and strive for progress every day. The real purpose of this practice is not to acquire skills, but to learn to cherish life and feel the happiness of the moment. Love life.




Looking back on what the reason was for being so busy in the beginning? What is the meaning of our life?Where is the value of life?  Only when our pace slows down, will we be awakened to the true meaning of God's precious gift.  In summary, only by living in the present moment can we feel true happinessheart!



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