Brand Story



THE BGD, a handicraft studio that integrates
Originality, Customization, Culture, and Trend.




To us, handmade crafts mean each and every piece
of artwork is made with love.
The craft itself means an understanding of life in the pursuit of
culture, vogue, and good tastes in life.



Unique handmade crafts exude never-ending charm.
Different handmade materials can be put together
in different ways to create infinite possibilities.
Therefore, every piece of artwork is tenderly created to be
to be one-of-its-kind masterpiece.




We insist on originality and our own unique creative style.
Only originality can bring out the freshness which distinguishes
our brand effect apart from others.

We strive to bring joy and satisfaction
to our customers through our handmade crafts.
We interweave materials with warmth and care in order
to capture the beautiful moments in your lives
and create a more tasteful life.